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My Brush with Greatness

Well, how great he is I cannot say, but when I was a child living in Germany,
my dad was in the RCAF and we lived in this little village call Obersasbach. 

The this old man lived in the manor at the top of the vinyard and he would often
give my sisters and me candies and chocolate milk as we were the only Canadians
living in the village. 

His name was Franz von Papen.  He was Chancellor of Germany just before Hitler and
became Hitler's vice Chancellor until Hitler abolished the position.  He was one of only two
Germans acquitted at the Nuremburg war trials.  He infamously said to president Hindenburg,
"Let's make that man Hitler Chancellor, now there is a man we can control.”

Almost cost him his life as he was one of the few non-Nazi politicians of that era to not be murdered.

So since you have met me you are only two degrees separated from Hitler   ha ha
as well as any major politician of the era.  Churchill, Stalin, Hindenburg just to name a few.

Check out his bio here

Your Chicago poker pal now living in Puerto Rico
 Trevor at

Trevor, thanks for that.

Hey, we haven't had a Bartfest in a while.
In 2010, we had Recessionfest, but nothing since then.

How much for twenty rooms in the off-season?


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