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My Brush with Greatness

Hey Bart,

Last Summer I saw Heart. 
They played at the Meadowbrook Pavilion up in the gorgeous NH White Mountains. 
A pal who works at the place snagged me a “meet & greet” pass, so I got to meet
iconic rock goddesses Ann & Nancy Wilson.

It was a momentary thing.  They should have changed the name from “meet & greet” to “get your
picture taken with them and before you’re eyes have stopped spotting from the flash get the fuck out”, frankly. 

You’ll notice I have my arms outstretched (I’m the stud in the back – my bud Kevin in front). 
As I raised my arms, my left hand lightly brushed Ann’s caboose (friends suggest that’s why she
has that big grin – but who knows)?  In any case, she didn’t have me roughed up by security. 

They didn’t seem particularly interested in talking. 
Kev thanked Ann, and told me “she, like...made a noise”. 
I laughed my ass off.  In any case, she grunted or something and we were ushered out.

As for the show, they can still rock out for a couple of older gals.  Ann’s voice has dropped an
octave or two, naturally, but still is extremely powerful.  They played most of their big hits with
an emphasis on the better stuff from their early 70s days, and wrapped the show with Zeppelin’s
What Is and What Should Never Be, Black Dog, and the Who’s Love Reign O’er Me. 

Good show.

That’s my brush with greatness.

Keep Swingin’ Bart!


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