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My Brush with Greatness


In 1978 I was a college student and had the great pleasure to meet Ashley Montagu at a conference in Seattle. 

Dr. Montagu was a noted anthropologist and author of The Natural Superiority of Women, among many other books. 
I brought my dog-eared paperback copy of the book with me and got up the courage to approach him after his speech. 
He was extremely gracious and offered to autograph my book.  When I told him his book had inspired me to major in
his field, he responded -- in his beautifully cultured English accent --  “Oh?   and just WHERE do you…anthro-pologize?”   

Definitely a brush with greatness!

Your fan,
 Sam T in Seattle

Sam, thanks for that.
I didn't know who that was, so I looked him up.
Wikipedia says:

Ashley Montagu (1905-1999) was a British-American anthropologist and humanist who
popularized topics such as race and gender and their relation to politics and development.



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