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My Brush with Greatness

Am not much for most of "modern" country music but had the chance to meet 2 of the Originals when younger.
In the early 60's my parents took me to see Marty Robbins perform at the Beacon Club in Billings MT.
(I was enchanted with El Paso as a teen).

I was the only under age person at Robbin's show. He asked me if I had a request and I asked him if he
would sing "A White Sports Coat". He said he could no longer do that song as he had sold the rights to it.
He did sing El Paso twice which was good enough for me.

About 20 years later I was able to return the favor to my parents when Ernest Tubb (Waltz Accross Texas,
Walkin' the Floor Over You, etc) played at the Bar 17 in Billings. My Dad played in a band while stationed
in Fairbanks AK during WWII and played a lot of Ernest T and Bob Wills. Ernest was one of his favorites
and he relished the visit with Ernest on his tour bus and the talk about the old days. Ernest had labored
breathing as he performed and died of emphysema a year or so later.

The poloroid, autographed by Ernest shows him center,
my parents at his sides, myself in upper left and 2 friends.


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