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My Brush with Greatness

In 1961 I was either in my senior year of high school or just graduated ( too old to remember) . 

I went to the Modesto Relays in Modesto CA where I lived.   The Relays hosted world class
athletes and a few world records where established there over the years.  I was about to leave
when there occurred something that drew the attention of the crowd around me and myself. 

There was a very pretty young woman next to me that was trying to see what was going on,
but there was a tall guy in front of her.  I stepped aside to let her get a better view to which
she looked up at me and gave me a big smile.  Every one in the world would have recognized her. 

It was the fastest woman in the world at that time - Wilma Rudolph, 1st woman to win
3 Olympic gold medals in the 1960 Olympics; 100meter, 200 meter, & 400 meter relay.


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