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My Brush with Greatness

More than a few years ago (1997) I was assigned by Vietnam Veterans Against the War
to escort Country Joe McDonald around when he was in town for a VVAW fundraiser.
My wife and I took him to dinner. That would be good enough, but it gets better.

At dinner he told us he was trying to figure out how to bring a half-sized replica of the
Vietnam Veterans Memorial to San Francisco for a festival. The moving wall had been
built by a group in Waukegan, IL and they rented it out, along with a trailer to haul it.

I soon determined that I was available, and I had a new Jeep Grand Cherokee,
so when Joe mentioned all expenses would be paid I volunteered to drive it west.

I arrived in SF and delivered the wall to Golden Gate Park where I discovered that the
festival was the 30th anniversary of the Summer of Love, and I had a backstage pass.

So I rubbed shoulders with the Starship, the Pranksters, Mountain Girl, Wavy Gravy
and the other VIPs. I even managed to knock back a free backstage beer with
Milwaukee native Will Durst.
 John from Milwaukee


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