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My Brush with Slime

I live in totally non~racist Republican ruled Arizona,

 ha ha

I've helped Walnuts McCain up the stairs at a Suns game, blah blah, lots of great stories about
working as polling place "Inspector" as a Democrat after I was mistreated at my home precinct
back when Clinton "took" the state for both terms, but my slimiest moment came when I took
my then young son to the "Mens" room at a local Scottsdale Cineplex.

As we watched the first Batman movie, there was one shaven headed person at a urinal, with his
Army surplus jacket hiding his face with the upturned collar, Doc Martens combat boots etc, so I
joined my son in a stall at the other end of the long room, while washing our hands I looked at
my son to my left in the mirror, I said "look at your face" and as he saw he had a large ring of
chocolate around his lips he did a wide open mouthed double~take, I heard this young "punk"
washing his hands to my right stifle a low laugh.

As our eyes met I did a similar wide open response to my son's on immediately realizing it was
local/national hate radio crackpot and Watergate indicted/convicted co~conspirator G. Gordon Liddy!

As our eyes met his expression changed drastically too, he turned immediately and ran out the door,
I dragged my son out fast so I could see where the slime~ball went so fast in his punk disguise...

He had disappeared 'round the corner into the only screen that was showing Oliver Stone's "NIXON",.
He probably wanted deniability on the fact he wasn't able to resist seeing himself depicted on~screen.

Liddy might be lurking in YOUR public restroom!!!!
 Evan in Scottsdale


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