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My Brush with Greatness

I just saw Slash on tv. He is doing a commercial with Betty White.

One day in a liquor store in Norwalk, CT I saw Slash and a tall blonde guy.
I didn't know who they were. I noticed the blonde haired guy had guns and roses
tattooed on his shoulder ( not words but guns and roses ) and being a freaking genius,
I said, "Wow,  you must really like that band alot."

He said "I do."

As I left they were getting into a BMW with tinted windows and I think Axle was driving.

I had numerous brushes with fame in Laguna Beach Ca and when I was nineteen my girlfriend
and I met Patty Hearst in Westport CT.

I also met the lovely Ann Coulter in New Canaan CT.
Wouldn't you have loved to meet her? It was prior to her going to law shool.

I met George Liucas in a piano bar. In real life he is just a regular guy and a proud dad.
That was in OCT of 95 so his kids were young.
  Steve the Republican

BTW, that tall dude must've been Duff McKagan, their former bass player. 




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