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My Brush with Greatness

About 4 years ago, I was waiting for my daughter to arrive at Love Field in Dallas from Oklahoma City.

Love Field has a small waiting area with about 10 seats on either side of a hallway. I was sitting there
and a guy walks up and sits on the other side of the hallway. He was wearing western garb – boots, jeans
and a starched orange Oklahoma State shirt. I told him he’d better not let my daughter see his shirt
because she goes to OU, OSU’s big rival.

He said OU’s a good school and that he did indeed go to OSU. He was generally pleasant and friendly.
He was around the right age and I was wondering if he was at OSU around the time Walt Garrison went there.

Meanwhile, a guy walked up to him and they began talking. About that time, I noticed a big ring on his finger
and sure enough, he was Walt Garrison. It was his Super Bowl ring. I went over and told him that I almost
asked him if he went to OSU with Walt Garrison. He got a big laugh out of that. The three of us talked for
a bit with Walt mentioning his ranch and other stuff. Then the woman he was waiting for showed up and
he gave her a hug.

The amazing part came next. As he turned to leave, he stopped and shook our hands and said he
enjoyed talking to us. A really nice guy and one of the toughest SOBs to ever play pro football
(Sorry, Bart – it was for the Cowboys).

Former Cowboys I can tolerate - unless it's Troy Acheman.


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