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My Brush with Greatness

I was in the Air Force, Stationed at Rhein Main Air Base in Frankfurt, Germany, in the Spring of 1985. 

At the time, Rhein Main was the military "gateway to Europe", so we got a lot of high ranking brass
coming thru on a regular basis  My buddies and I had been "whooping it up" downtown, I spent Saturday
night knocking back Jaegermeister. We came staggering into base shortly before daylight, PLOWED.
After about 3 hours of sleep, there was a thunderous pounding on my dorm room door.

"Get on your Class-A (Dress) Uniform and be downstairs in 10 minutes, we have some big wig coming in!",
yelled our First Sergeant.  So, 15 minutes later, I was standing on the flightline, along with my also badly
hung-over buddies.  There was a huge army helicopter just humming over our heads about 50 feet, and the
vibration from the rotor blades were making me sick. And sicker.

After what seemed like forever, it landed, and who else but George Bush the Elder walks out, being VP at the time. 
He came up to me, I saluted, and threw up.  Fortunately for me, I was able to hold it in my mouth, but it bulged out
like Dizzy Gillespie.  He asked me "how do you like your tour in Germany, Sergeant?", so I swallowed that vile mess,
and loudly whispered "fine, sir!"

He gave me a look, half of confusion, and half of disgust, and walked off greet the next guy. 
I can just imagine what it would have been like standing in front of the Base Commander
Monday morning, explaining to him why I THREW UP all over the Vice President.

"It's your fault, Colonel, you should never send a drunk out to meet a dignatary!! "  NAW....
  Ken in Ohio


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