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My Brush with Greatness

Hi Bart,

I went to college at Lehigh University back in the early 70's, majoring in business/accounting. 

There was a young man with curly red hair in some of my classes, and I started saying hi and talking
to him a few times.  He dropped out about half way through our sophomore year to go to Hollywood,
and co-star in a new TV show called "Happy Days". 

He had already appeared in a commercial for shaving cream, where he is in the Army, and his drill
sergeant orders him to go shave, and he gets all dreamy eyed and says "Yes, Sir!"  like it's the best
thing that ever happened to him.

Yes, I went to college (for awhile, at least) with Ralph Malph, or I as I knew him way back when,
Donny Most.  Nice guy.  Friendly, and really down to earth.

Also wrote an essay that won me a face to face with Tiny Tim, but that's another story.

Daniel G. in Fleetwood Pennsylvania, where they used to make auto bodies before Cadillac bought out the factory. 


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