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My Brush with Greatness

Hi Bart:
In 1993, I got two free tickets to see Burt Reynolds perform at the beautiful Paramount Theater in Seattle.

It was a pretty good show; he told stories about his life, made some jokes, and showed a lot of beautiful
slides of his then-wife, Lonnie Anderson and their adopted son. It was very sweet. After the show, my girlfriend
talked me into waiting outside the back of the theater for Mr. Reynolds to come to his waiting limousine.

He finally came out, wearing the coolest leather jacket I'd ever seen. My friend and I shook his hand,
had our pictures taken with him and chatted with him for a minute. The very next day, he announced that
he was divorcing Lonnie Anderson. My friend and I remarked that his life must have dramatically changed
after meeting us and we jokingly fought over which of us held such awesome power over a major movie star.
  Mary in Bonney Lake, WA


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