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My Brush with Greatness


Took my 16-year old son to hear Lenny Kravitz in Vegas at the MGM arena.
Old college friend set us up with sweet tickets in the 10th row.

After a couple of hard rocking songs, Lenny said he wanted to invite one of
his high school friends who he used to play with up on stage to jam...

After the song, Lenny said "How often do you see two mixed-up, half-black, Jewish guys
playing guitar together?" he added, "Can you imagine what our high school was like?"

Later in the show, Muhammad Ali and Quincy Jones came on stage to chants of "Ali, Ali, Ali..."


The crowd sang happy birthday to the champ, and Kravitz's trumpet player played a sweet jazz instrumental for Ali and Jones.
Then Kravitz played a song called "Black & White America", an autobiographical song about his upbringing with a white Jewish dad
and a black mom with Ali and Jones onstage. Pretty cool stuff, and my son and I were blown away.

I was impressed by Kravitz...he put on quite a show. Not a huge fan, have enjoyed some of his songs,
but it turned out to be an incredible night.

Not exactly a personal brush with greatness, but greatness nonetheless...


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