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My Brush with Slime


I was in a south Atl Suburb at a Barnes & Noble’s bookstore and a little man in a cheap suit
was out front awaiting his car / driver.  As I walked up to the entrance, low and behold it was
DINO Gov / Senator Zel Miller. 

Fresh off his Keynote address for the Repubs.  Only Democrat to ever do that. 
And he supported Dim Son for Prez / re-election. Later he was proud to say he would NOT
support Obama or Hillary (a black and or a women- please!!)

He was cashing in on his 30 pieces of silver with his book tour / signing.  I stopped and did not
attempt to shake his hand, but looked him in the eye and told him he disgraced his fellow
democrats and should be ashamed.  He had nowhere to hide.  No place to go but to take it. 

He responded by saying that was my opinion and I was entitled to it.  I went on to say my late
Uncle from Tennessee was a true democrat - US Senator / Congressman that voted for Civil
Rights / Equal Pay Act, (only southern member of Congress to support it) that probably cost him
his re-election but he did it because it was the right thing to do.  He did say I should be proud of him. 

I said I was and that he would be ashamed of how you sold out the Democrats. I said my uncle
did not sell his party out for a book deal.  Things were civil but Zig-Zag Zel wanted no part of
this conversation and was looking anxiously for his driver.  I should have challenged him to a duel
– Like the last time he was on TV and he called out Chris Matthews…

Zel is a D-Bag whore and I bet he now makes sure his driver is out front and gets a security
escort to the car.  But then his time has passed and folks see him for the little man he is. 
I believe he is support Newt.  Go figure…

Keep swingin’ the big hammer. 
Your bud in the ATL,

DB, you did good.

May Zel Miller burn in Hell with Breitbart, Russert, Novak, Reagan, Nixon,
Helms, Thurmond and Brietbart's ultimate champion - Lee Atwater.


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