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My Brush with Greatness

I won a Sirius-XM radio contest this January. Ask Ringo Starr an intelligent question
and come down to Hollywood and ask him during a live Town Hall. So we did that.

Met the 71 year old, had our picture taken and later asked my question during the live broadcast.
Russell Brand was a moderator, record producer Don Was, too.

Check it out on Sirius-XM Channel 28, it'll be rebroadcast over the next few weeks.
Ringo had no regrets about his time with the Beatles or anything in his past.

Was the rooftop concert a fitting last live gig for the Beatles?
Ringo said they considered a concert at the pyramids or in a Hawaiian volcano
but they all said "sod it, let's play on the roof."  Peace and love mentioned often.

He's a vegetarian, and isn't taking any "medicine" now.
After the questions he and the band played a few songs.
Joe Walsh, who's on the new album, Ringo 2012, played and sounded great.
  -Harry in Fresno

Harry, good one - thanks.


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