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My Brush with Greatness


I got to meet Tiny Tim.  My friend back in Dallas, Jim "Big Bucks" Burnett, is a music
impresario and, among so many other things, founder and president of the Tiny Tim Fan Club. 
He even had the Tiny Tim Museum. 

I told him that, as a goof, I had gotten ordained by the Universal LIfe Church of Modesto, CA,
so that I could perform a friend's wedding.  He told me that Tiny was in town and had fallen
head-over-heels (for the millionth time) for some UNT co-ed and wanted to marry her, and
would I do the honors. 

Naturally I said yes, but since I blabbed about how I exercised my First Amendment rights
to get ordained, he did the same thing and ended up doing the ceremony himself.

Still, I got to attend the wedding (music by Carl Finch and Jeffrey Barnes of Brave Combo)
and went to the after-party in the home of Steve "Little Jack Melody" Carter.  Tiny found a
cupboard by the piano with loads of old sheet music, and was pawing over each one, saying
things like, "Oh, this was a great hit by Mr. Johnny Mercer from 1947," and he would sing
and pantomime playing.  He was a sweet, gentle, wonderful man, but he's obviously from another planet.

Sadly, he died a few years later, on stage and doing what he loved the most. 
Koresh bless Tiny Tim.

Best regards,
 Jeff in Seattle

I believe Tiny Tim's other wedding to Miss Vicki on The Tonight Show
was one of Johnny Carson's biggest ratings spikes ever.


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