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My Brush with Greatness

Hey Bart,

About six years ago, my family went on a Rosie O'Donnell cruise with rfamily vacations. 

We went because we won a contest, as we'd never have been able to afford it on our own. 
Because we won the contest, we were brought on stage and introduced by Rosie. 

She talked to each of us a bit on stage, lastly my (at the time) 17 year old foster daughter. 
"how does it feel to be in this family now?" she asked my daughter, who suffered from
Social Anxiety Disorder and barely made it on the stage.  "My biological family kicked me out
because I'm gay and now I have a real family that loves me for being me." my daughter responded. 

This shocked Rosie, she teared up right there in front of  the hundreds of people in the audience. 
She hugged her and said that as long as they had cruises, she'd bring us.  She did, too, until she
stopped being involved with the company.  As a result, a dozen of our foster and adopted kids
got to experience the world in a much bigger way over five years. 

They got to go to Canada, Alaska, Disney World, New York, Seattle and Florida. 
Most of them had never been out of Texas before.  They got to meet kids from all over
the country on those cruises, and most of the kids were either gay or had gay parents,
although straight people/families were welcomed just as warmly. 

I guess I should mention that my partner and I are lesbians,
and most of the children we fostered were teens and identified as gay or bisexual.

When you travel, it changes your perspective.  You see how big the world is and
how things can be different and still okay.  Most kids in the foster care system
never have these kinds of opportunities which.  

I know you have issues with Rosie, but her heart is as big as it can be. 
If she sees a way she can help, she does.

 Carol in Austin

Carol, I'm no longer angry at Rosie.


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