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My Brush with Greatness

I know you’ve already had at least one story about John Astin, but he is such a nice guy, I had to write in.

In 1999, the manufacturing company I work for licensed the Addams Family theme for one of their products. 
It was the first year that I was in charge of everything for the massive trade show my company attends yearly,
and I was invited to sit at John Astin’s dinner table at the show as a reward. 

He and his wife were very gracious, and told the story of how they didn’t want to screw up their friendship
by getting romantically involved, but sat down one night (maybe 12 years earlier) to discuss why they could
never be together, and couldn’t come up with valid reasons—it was a cute story. 

I had had a few drinks by this point, after the work stress, and regrettably told my own similar story about
my husband and I getting together, kind of ruining the moment.  They were still very cordial, and at one point
John asked where I had grown up.  I told him Blue Earth, MN, a town of 4000 people in the middle of farm country. 

He not only knew the town, but had passed through that area in the late fifties with a show he was touring with. 
He listed off more towns in that area than I could remember after living there for years.  Very impressive. 
As we left the restaurant, my friends and I turned around, waved and yelled goodbye to him, and he waved
and yelled goodbye back.  Nice guy.
   Stephanie in Reno

Stephanie, thanks for that.


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