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My Brush with Greatness

In the summer of 72 I had just turned 11. My family, Dad, Mom and 6 brothers and
sisters were visiting Grammy in Stroudsburg, PA. I'm number 6 in the Catholic brood. 

I didn't have a clue about politics at the time so when the 9 of us crowded into the
station wagon to drive over to Scranton for some political rally it didn't mean anything
to me except a fun ride in the car playing games, enjoying the rolling countryside and
being a pain to my older siblings. 

As far as I knew my parents had always supported the Democrats. Loved JFK, Johnson,
Humphrey etc. The rally we went to was George McGovern for President. It was a huge
crowd but only being 11, fast and slippery I could make my way easily through the crowd
to whatever vantage point I desired.

To the very front for a time within reach of secret service suits until I got bored and
went around behind the stage to run in the park with my sister. That is until there was
a huge commotion, a loud uproar of cheering accompanied by a stampede of people
rushing around to the back of the stage.

I ducked under and in between the people to get to the edge of the gauntlet that had
formed behind the stage to see what the fuss was about. Stuck my hand out as everyone
else was just as George McGovern was making his way through. He turned toward me
and paused for a second somewhat taken aback at my eagerness and youth, grabbed
my hand gave it a shake, smiled broadly and moved on.

The next year Roe v Wade went through the court, Mom and Dad never supported
another Democrat after that, preferring the anti-abortion pandering of theocratic fascists.
 Pat M.


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