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My Brush with Greatness

Bart, I grew up in the NYC area.

In the spring of 1966 a school friend's mother was involved with the New York Theatre Guild,
and they wanted to have young girls as "pages"at their big annual luncheon at the Waldorf in NY.

All we had to do was stand around holding flowers and look cute (I guess) in short formal dresses.
It was pretty fancy-schmancy, because they had a suite upstairs for us to change into our dresses.
(Jeeze, this does sound like a different universe, doesn't it?)

We rode down in the elevator with Imogene Coca and Nancy Kulp, the lady who played
the bank secretary on the Beverly Hillbillies - the number one show back then.

That years' honorees were Julie Harris and Henry Fonda.
We shook hands with both of them and they were very nice.
When it was time for him to get his award, Mr. Fonda stepped up
to the mic and apologized because he had the flu, and his voice was scratchy.

The next day, I came down with the worst case of the flu I'd had up to that point in my 15 year long life.
I even missed the SATs.

But hey, how many people can say they caught the flu from Henry Fonda?


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