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My Brush with Greatness

Back in 1956 I bought a parcel of land in Wisconsin just for duck hunting,
the very next year I married and moved from Chicago with my bride, started a family
and I was building a home on high ground.

The township is eight miles from Mauston - population 3100,  small town for all supplies.
Then one day in March 1960 I'm in Mauston near the courthouse, State street corner I see
a taller man all dressed up in a suit, I approached him and  he reached out to me with a handshake.

He said, "I'm running for the President of the United States," and he gave me one of his pamphlets
for the democratic party, I put it in my pocket and told him that I am also a democrat and a Navy vet.
But that I voted for Ike right after the war and regretted it a year later being out of work for almost two years.

I shook his hand again and realized he was Jack Kennedy who became the President we all loved. 
Recently I visited the oldest building in Mauston filled with relics of the past and there in one room
was an article of the event dated March 1960 with Jack Kennedy's picture, that brought back the
memory of my greatest event in my life.     
 Ole Vet   John B

John, good one - thanks,


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