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My Brush with Greatness

I was at a concert in Montrose, Colorado in the mid-80s.
My friends' band was the opener, and after they finished, my former psycho girlfriend
and I headed back to the rest rooms. "If you finish first, wait for me" she demanded.

I reluctantly agreed and turned to walk in the men's room.
As I did, out walked guitarist Dave Mason.

"Hiya Dave" I said, "How have you been?"
(He had been ill and it was a make up date).

"Just great! Much better!" he replied. "Gotta run and get ready...hope you enjoy!" and he
headed off to prep for his set. I turned to look at my gf, and she was awestruck, speechless.

"WOW! Did you know that was Dave Mason?" she asked (after I already had a brief
converstaion with him). "Yes, dear" I answered in a tone of mock sweetness. "He has to pee too!"
Bart, I know you're a big guitar rock fan, but remember,
those people put their pants on one leg at a time, just like everybody else!


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