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My Brush with Greatness


The year was 1990, I was still a regular at The Rainbow Bar & Grill in Hollywood.

Another regular at the time was Sam Kinison, he had his own table in the back that
he sat whenever he was there. I had seen him there many times but never talked to him.

That summer my step-brother Anthony and his friend came out from NY. I took them
to the Rainbow and we were upstairs drinking when someone mentioned that Sam was
down stairs.   Dave, my friend said “What?” and took off down the stairs.

By the time we caught up to him, Dave was over at Sam’s table. 
It was a semi-circle booth, there were 5 people in it with Sam in the middle.
Dave told Sam how much he loved him and how he always listened to him on Howard Stern. 
Dave asked Sam to take a picture, Sam said he would on the way out, but Dave wasn’t taking
any chances, so Sam got the other people out of the booth and Anthony and Dave sat next to him.

I took the picture, just as I was about to Sam let out one of his Famous Sam roars.

I shook hands with Sam and said thanks, but he yells out “ONE MORE”
so I took another picture and he did the OH OOOOHHHH thing again. 

I was really bummed 2 years later when I found out he died.

He was awesome.
L.A. Rick
The Hollywood Liberal

Rick, thanks for that.
Sam Kinison was truly one of the all-time greats.

Before he turned into Bill O'Reilly's butt-buddy, Dennis Miller used to tell the story of
seeing Sam in some club in LA with some comedian friends of his and when the show
was over, they all agreed they had never laughed that hard in their lives.

Sam died on April 10, 1992.
His was the first death I learned of online.

Damn, that means I've been online for twenty years.



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