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My Brush with Greatness

Hey Bart,
My company's annual sales meetings are held every November. In 2007, it was in Charlotte, NC.

I was headed back to the conference room after going to my room during a break. As I came around the corner,
I saw a small group of people in business suits gathered in the hallway.  A member of the hotel security staff
approached me and said I would need to detour outside (in a driving rainstorm), around the corner outside the
building, and re-enter the hotel to get to the conference room. "Yeah, right" I thought, as I pretended not to hear him.
What the heck, he's just hotel security; observe and report, right?

As I came to the small group of businessmen, one of them stopped me and asked where I was headed.
I thought about saying, "Not your f-ing business" but he had an authoritative tone to his voice, and it was actually
more of a statement instead of a question. I explained that my conference room was just around the corner.

He said, "Sir, we need to re-route you outside, and you can make your way to the south entrance to the building."
I said, "But my room is just right there. I can see it from here," and moved to get around him. He put a hand on
my chest, and said, "Sir, wait right here!"

As I tried to figure out what was happening, the stairwell door opened, and several business more "businessmen"
burst through the door followed by then Senator Barack Obama. Without breaking stride, they proceeded around
the corner and into the banquet room next to ours.

The Secret Service agent had not taken his eyes off of me. I feebly asked, "Am I going to jail now?"

"Just wait right here."

Once the Senator-cum-President was safely in the room with the door closed, I was told I was free
to proceed to my conference. Only after a detour to change my underwear.

I'll have another Brush for you Monday
 Big Orange Jeff


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