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My Brush with Greatness

This picture I am attaching is me and Jerry Kramer, Green Bay Packer and NFl legend. 

Jerry played under Vince Lombardi, and made the block that helped the Packers beat Dallas in the Ice Bowl. 

My favorite team is whoever's playing Dallas.

Also, his speed and agility made Lombardi's signature play, the Power Sweep very, very successful. 
Other teams knew it was coming, and could do little to defend it.  Jerry was not only a legendary right guard,
he was also a kicker, a very good kicker I might add.  He was in the Pro Bowl 3 times, 5 times All-Pro,
5 times NFL champion, 2 times Super Bowl champion, a member of NFL 1960s All-Decade Team,
a member of the Super Bowl Anniversary Team, a member of the Packer Hall Of Fame, author of
several best-selling books on life in the NFL, and the ONLY member of the NFL 50th Anniversary Team
NOT in the Pro Football Hall Of Fame! 

Please go to to learn more and sign the petition to get Jerry in the Hall. 
Oh, one more thing, Jerry has been nominated 10 times, and never been inducted, more than any other player ever. 

Some of the HOF voters indicate that there are "too many" Packers from the same team in the Hall,
but if a player belongs (& Jerry Kramer belongs), he belongs, period.



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