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My Brush with Greatness

Chuck Berry came to Austin for a show at the Paramount Theater on Congress Ave.

Bo Diddly was supposed to be on the bill but a judge wouldn't let him leave Florida for a legal issue.
I was doing monitors for the sound company and two shows were booked for the night. The plan
was that Chuck Berry would be the opening act on one show and be the headliner on the other.

Since Bo Diddly didn't show up he played both sets on both shows playing all of Bo Diddly's songs
on what would have have been Bo's sets. That ended up being about 6 hours on stage. The cool part
which actually counts as the Brush With Greatness was at the end of the last show as Chuck Berry
was exiting the stage he handed his guitar to me at the monitor board and headed to his dressing room.

I was like, "WOW".

I strummed a few chords thinking how cool was this and then headed down to the dressing room.
I knocked on the door, he answered and I said "Here is your guitar Mr. Berry".

He said "Thank you very much" as if it was just all part of the show and I left him there.
More later,
 Gary in Austin



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