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My Brush with Greatness

At Cunetto's on St. Louis's Hill (an historically-Italian neighborhood), my then-wife and I had
a late dinner on a weekday night. As we walked out, around 11 PM, I looked into a nearly-empty
side dining room. Back in the corner was the great Hall of Fame TV and radio announcer Jack Buck,
having an after-game dinner with his lovely wife.

I approached his table and made some small talk, mostly about my Dad's cousin Tino, who was
in charge of all things electrical at Busch Memorial Stadium. I was just looking for something to
talk about that he actually might be interested in, but of course he probably just wanted to unwind
after another night behind the mike.

I offered to buy him a drink he neither wanted or needed, but he declined.
I just wish that I had sent one over anyway, so I could say I bought Jack Buck,
a genuine Cooperstown alumni, a drink.


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