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My Brush with Greatness

Many years ago while a full-time student at a university in Western Canada
I had what could be considered 3 "Brushes with Greatness".

I was a poor, married US vet trying to obtain a degree with virtually no money.
My wife (now ex-wife) was also a full-time student thus she contributed little to our finances.
I did receive $100 a month from the GI Bill of the era but that was not sufficient.
So I got a job as a taxi driver in this small Canadian city which is where my brushes with greatness occurred.
Brush #1 happened when I picked up Duke Ellington and his valet/assistant at the airport
and drove him to a downtoen hotel. He, Ellington, was to give a one-night concert that evening.
I had no conversation with him but his valet later offered me a free pass to the concert which
I declined because of class obligations.
Brush #2 was stranger. I was dispatched to a radio station to pick up a woman nameed Xaviera Hollander
aka The Happy Hooker. I then proceeded to transpport Ms Hollander and her US publicist to all the other
media outlets in and around the city. She had little to say other than the city in question was dull and boring.
She was right. But then I considered dull and boring as well.
Brush #3 the best brush of all. While waiting in a hotel cab stand a local DJ came to my cab and asked me
if I was available which seemed a dumb question since I was parked in a cab stand. He asked me to wait a
few minures and wlked back into the hotel. Two minutes later he returened with a crt loaded with baggage
and asked if it would fit in the trunk. It did I was driving a Buick Lesabre which had a massive trunk.

Back into the hotel he went and now 10 minutes later appeared with two other people;
Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash! I then drove all three to the airport with no converstion
but a thankyou from Johnny as he left the cab.
All of these Brushes with Greatness happened sometime in 1973 or 1974.
I lived in Canada until 2006 and have since returned to my home state in
New England where I have had no more Brushes with Greatness.


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