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My Brush with Greatness

Don't know if You do 3rd person brushes but thought this was a really cool story. 

My Dad had a Doctor friend that took his wife to Chicago for vacation.
They wanted to see Nat King Cole but every night the line was very long.
Their last night in town they went to his club & it was the same thing, people standing in line down the block.

The Doctors wife says "I'm not leaving Chicago until I get to see Nat King Cole."

The doctor got the doormans attention and slipped him a twenty (A lot of money back then)
and said they were friends of Nat. The doorman returned a few minutes later and not only
let them in but escorted them front & center to Nat's personal table.

All well & good except the doctor told my dad that he was s*****ing in his pants
because once the set was over Nat would come over & realize that he didn't know them
& have them drug out by their ears. After the set Nat came over and talked and laughed
and was just a super nice guy and never mentioned that he didn't know them.

I've watched several old videos of his TV show and I believe it. The Guy exuded class.
 The Dawg


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