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My Brush with Greatness

Now That Goober is Deceased...

In 2007 my son’s grandmother died.  She lived in Florence, Alabama.  My son had to fly out
of Jacksonville, Florida to Atlanta and take a puddle jumper into Huntsville, Alabama, where
his mother and brother would drive him to Florence.

Once in Atlanta he was delayed by bad storms sweeping the area.
He called me because he was bored, the terminal was packed, there was no place to sit, etc. typical for a 22 year old.
He said there was ‘some old guy with a cane’ that people would come up to and shake his hand and then leave.

Just then a seat opened up next to the old man and even people standing were not moving to take it so my son
hung up and sat down next to him.

He said to him, “I noticed all those people shaking your hand and wishing you well. Are you somebody famous?”
To which the gentleman replied “I was the voice of Carface Carruthers in’All Dogs Go To Heaven’”
My son then asked, skeptically, “And they can tell it’s you by your voice?”
The guy just laughed.

Later, my son mentioned his grandfather was in the Navy.
So was this man.  He asked my son to sit with him on the small plane once the skies were clear. 
He told him how he was in the Navy, mustered out and then, in the same year he left, Pearl Harbor
happened and he went back in until 1945.  It’s a short jump from Atlanta to Huntsville.
He also told my son he was headed to George (Goober) Lindsey’s Film Festival in Florence.

My son said, “Well my mom can give you a ride because we are headed there for my grandmother’s funeral.” But he declined.
As my son hoisted his luggage up, the guy was walking out the door and waved and said, “Nice talking with you, son!”
My son’s mother was shocked and asked if he’d gotten his autograph?

Because it was Academy Award winner Ernest Borgnine!
  Sel in Jax
  Goober’s Filmfest

The George Lindsey UNA Film Festival was founded by celebrated entertainer George Lindsey,
along with now deceased Communications professor Bobby Hurt and Office of Communications
Director Bill Jarnigain, who is retired. George Lindsey is well known for his role of Goober Pyle
on the "Andy Griffith Show" and many other credits in television, including episodes of “Hee Haw,”
“The Twilight Zone," "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour," "Gunsmoke," "M*A*S*H," and as the host
of Turner South's Emmy award-winning "Liars & Legends."

The University of North Alabama's library houses all of Lindsey's film and TV scripts as well as
Ernest Borgnine's complete collection of scripts. Other Hollywood celebrities - including "Fahrenheit 451"
author Ray Bradbury, archivist and enthusiast Forrest J. Ackerman and film historian David J. Skal
- have donated rare scripts and one-of-a-kind memorabilia from their personal collections.

We encourage you to submit your film and come experience southern hospitality at its finest!


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