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My Brush with Greatness

About fifteen years ago, Lauren Bacall came to town on one of those Speaker Series
where somebody gets to tell their side of the political story, or maybe just a famous
writer or actor. They say a few words, then take questions.

The only one of those I was ever vaguely interested in attending was Lauren Bacall.
I like her strength and femininity and wisdom of age and her mind-blowing history with
the true legends of Hollywood. Did you know that Frank Sinatra proposed to her...but then
he sobered up and realized what a mistake he'd made? Their friendship was much relieved
when the proposal was withdrawn. Sinatra absolutely worshiped Humphrey Bogart, Bacall's
husband and founding member of the REAL Rat Pack. In fact, it was Bacall herself who,
upon walking in on the bunch early in the morning after a LOOONG night who said,
"You look like a pack of rats!"

After she spoke, the floor was open for questions. Up in the balcony,
I approached the wireless microphone held by a page.

I asked her, "Ms. Bacall...would you permit me to become the envy of every man
in this room by coming down to the stage and giving you a kiss on the cheek?"

She didn't even hesitate.

"No!" And the place ROARED me? Who cares? It was hilarious! Frank Sinatra himself...I've been REJECTED by Betty Bacall.
My life is complete!

Later, Daddy-O!
 B. Tnik


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