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My Brush with Greatness

Eons ago, my cousin called me to go to a free lecture at the University of Texas with him. 
The speaker was Douglas Adams, of Hitchhiker Guide fame.  I was not a huge Adams fan,
as I hadn't really enjoyed the Hitchhiker series that much, but it was free and I wasn't doing
anything else, so I went.

It was the most amazing lecture I'd ever been to.  He told the story of how he came to write
what he'd written and a bit of his philosophy of life, and it was hilariously done.  He took care
of hecklers and stupid questions with the ease of a great stand up comedian.  He was SO SMART. 

It was kind of like watching a sane Robin Williams, as his mind seemed to be three steps ahead
of everyone else's.  It was better than any comedian because he wasn't just being funny - he
discussed meaningful things.  I love brilliant people.

I didn't really meet him, just shook his hand at the end. 
But I did shed some tears when he died so young in 2001. 
I'd pay good money to see him speak again.
 Carol B in Austin.


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