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My Brush with Greatness

I am a big fan of the Buffalo Sabres. 

A card shop in the mall in Clifton Park, NY (where I live) had 3 former Buffalo Sabres there to sign autographs: 
Jim Schoenfeld (Schoney), (the late) Rick Martin (a member of the famed French Connection line) and another
player I didn't recognize.  I went up to their table and got autographs from Schoney and Martin and talked to them
about what they had been doing since they retired.  Schoney had coached (Google Schoenfeld + doughnut and you
get a great video of him screaming at a ref, "Have another doughnut, you fat pig" 

At that point Schoney pointed to the third person at the table and said, "This is Derek Smith". 
Smith was a fairly good checking center for the Sabres.  I said to him, "I remember a game against Pittsburgh
where you scored a goal sitting on your butt by just swinging your stick along the ice at the puck". 

Keep in mind this was 12 years after that game and was only one goal.  Smith then said, "Yeah I remember that. 
Rammer (Craig Ramsey, his left winger) was mad that I didn't pass him the puck on that play." 
He remembered the goal 12 year later.  I thought that was so cool
Keep hammering


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