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My Brush with Greatness

Today, June 1st - Several hundred people gathered around John F Kennedy HS in Paterson NJ
just to get a glimpse of President Bill Clinton who was there to show his support for Congressman
Pascrel and his re-election. 

Clinton took the stage at about 5:15 , hopped on stage and praised Pascrel, President Obama and
even a little to himself for having a surplus budget in both of his terms. You know, the usual political
rally stuff. He still captivates an audience, despite seeming a bit frail and weaker than the Bill I met
10 yrs ago, had a nice tan though.

Clinton's visit was brief. He was escorted to a double secret blue velvet curtained area for a few
minutes after the rally to pose for some pics with the local police, a few kids, and local politicians
before hitting the road. He certainly knows his way around a camera- as he schooled Passaic County
PBA President Mike Abdinoor on his picture taking skills (he's the one who took my photo) -

''He didn't get the shot? he has to hold the button down, HOLD THE BUTTON, KEEP HOLDING THE
BUTTON DOWN'' -nothing like taking photo lessons from an ex president.  Clinton missed out on the
buffet that was also set up in the area- Hummus, assorted breads, a fruit platter, chicken, and mac-n-cheese.

Tom Murro



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