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My Brush with Greatness

My wife and I went to New York to celebrate our tenth anniversary five years ago.
Walking across the Avenues in Midtown, we passed by two women talking excitedly
outside one of those fancy apartment buildings--Sigourney Weaver and Tina Fey.

As we passed them, I could hardly tear my eyes away from them, even though my
wife didn't even notice or recognize them.

Sigourney looked good--she was dressed in a suit, hair up and makeup on.
Tina looked like the harried new mother that she was at that time--T-shirt untucked,
glasses on, hair down, cutoff jeans or some such. Neither of them acknowledged me
or the other few people that stopped to snap their pictures. They were engrossed,
grinning and chattering away.

On that trip, we were in the second row when we saw Anthony Langella and the
British actor Michael Sheen onstage in their Tony-award-winning drama "Nixon/Frost",
for which Langella won a Best Actor award.

When Sheen took his bows, his face barely masked his stiff resentment--because
Langella had gotten the BIGGER applause. Langell had won the award the week before,
and the audience wanted to show its appreciation.

 Later, Daddy-O!


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