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My Brush with Greatness



Hey Bart,

My daughter recently had an up-close and personal brush with greatness.

We went to NYC for a day on a recent trip back east to visit family.
Of course I had to visit my old stomping-grouonds and get some pizza at Ben's -- the best pizza EVER.
But I digress... so me, my mom, and my 5 yo daughter Clara were hanging out in the Village having a
good time when we decided it was time to grab some crap (aka souveniers) and hop back on the train to NJ.

We hit Bleeker St. Records and grabbed a T-shirt for Clara's mom complete with a pic of the cat we petted in
the store wearing headphones. As we leave the store Clara says, "I need to get something for Gabey!"
(her sister's dog) so we go into the pet store.

As you can imagine, this is Greenwich Village and the store is tiny and packed to the rafters with animal stuff.
Clara sees the doggie toys and heads over to where some guy is squeaking them. As any 5 year old will do,
she elbows her way in front of this dude and begins her own squeaky-examination of toys. I look over at the guy,
he looks at me and says, "Hey, how are you doing?"

And I notice that it's Steven Tyler!

I wasn't 100% sure, but when he moved on I asked one of his handlers if it was him and he confirmed.
We didn't bug him because let's face it: the man was out to buy a dog toy, not be annoyed by me AND
if he had meant to meet up with me, he would have called ahead. So we went our separate ways.

What is most amusing about all of this is that I told Clara who it was that she just pushed out of the way
and she couldn't give a rat's ass!    Hehehehe.   He has never appeared in a Barbie movie,
so he doesn't matter a bit to the 5 year old set!

Take care,

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