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My Brush with Greatness



The year1992, The Place, Portland International Airport, Working for a living at a mobile lab, testing asphalt
for the Port of Portland. Word had it that Bill Clinton would be campaigning here in Portland Oregon and that
his plane would be arriving at the Flightcraft Terminal, ( Of which a couple of years earlier had a hand in inspecting
the main concourse in the building. never mind), So me and my coworkers decided to stop working and go watch
the caravan go by.

We didn't care that we stopped working and our boss (now a  teacher in Sandpoint Idaho and to Mark Furman's kid) 
was cool and would have joined us anyway. We are waiting at the right place when the caravan or motorcade came
by with the future Prez in the car, as noted by THUMB in photo, I held up the sign I made with a dried out magic
marker and borrowing from the late great Frank Zappa, that read "Lick Bush in 92",

Frank had that Mantra during Bush 1 for 1988 campaign . My candidate gave me a big thumbs up as you can see
in the photo and was grinnin' ear to ear with his head shaking in wicked agreement. He knew what I was putting down.

So basically I was acknowledged by the future President.  When the Rethugs and those folkkk that went on that 
witch hunt using Monica Lewinski, who was from Portland, ie the Portland connection.  I kept my mouth shut.
I didn't want no trouble from my Prez so I didn't want the  foreshadowing of  The Clinton Monica thing to happen
on 'my watch'.

Well the Big Dog is back, I am now a anecdote and maybe a laugh, and not something for the press to say, "You see that?"
I had you covered Big Dog. I do have 2 gripes though, thats Nafta and the Fairness Doctrine, that you fucked up.

Bart, You put me to task on this one bro, I knew it was going to
require thought other than a like click or a sentence, I feel better now.
I did want to share this all these years, and now is a great time.

I wonder if Big Dog reads Bartcop, I am sure one of his entourage does,
so Big Shout Out to You Big Dog, I bet you remember this.


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