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  Like everybody else, I am stunned by the lastest mass shooting in this country;
I logged onto your site to see if you'd commented yet. A lot of people are calling for more
controls on guns. That'd be like trying to control drugs, and we know how that went.
I live in rural NW Georgia, near Chattanooga, TN. We have plenty of guns at our house.
Even in  nice areas, there have been meth labs, breakins, and the occasional murder.
There have been lots of home invations in Chattanooga over the years.
The people who yell in the media for gun control often live in gated communities and
can afford elaborate security systems and security personnel. I guarantee they are aremed,
or travel with armed security.
Everybodys getting desperate to stop the carnage and the first impulse is to control guns.
These boys who usually do the killing are mentally ill. Their families don't know how
dangerous the boys are, or are willing to gamble that the kids won't do this kind of thing.
There are few resources for families in these situations -- drug the kids and hope the meds work.

Keeping the boys (or any mentally ill person) on their meds is a problem as well. This problem is
far more complicated than it appears on the surface and we need to look deeply into the real causes
of gun violence. An unstable kid, raised on video games, left in front of the tv as babysitter while
Mom goes to work, left with sitters who abuse the kids one way or another, or are raised by
parents who abuse--these are a few of the causes of these violent outbursts. Most of all, it's being
raised in a society without limits or standards. Advertising, movies, tv, easy avilibility of almost
anything on the internet, abortion -- all these things produce an "anything goes" world in which
a young person on the borderline between sanity and insanity can easily go the wrong way.
I am a registered Democrat and fall somewhere in the center on social issues.
Instead of calling for gun control, which will lead to gun confiscation when it doesn't
fix the problem of mass killings, we need to look at ourselves and the world we've made.

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