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Subject: Global Warming Losing Popularity in Europe

Hi Bart

Europe is having its worst winter in 50 years, too. It's snowed so much that
if it snows again, Belgium and Holland have no salt to put on the roads anymore. 

If that isn't enough to make people really skeptical of GW claims, in the past year 
several things have "leaked" out about those "studies" that makes your statement 
that it's the anti-science people who don't believe it, just plain wrong.

A court in England has found that Al Gore's movie had MANY mistakes and
falsehoods. False data was used to make it seem as if the Earth was now warmer 
than 1000 years ago. A *remark* about how long it would take to melt the glaciers 
on the Himalaya, was mistakenly put down as FACT about how long it would take.

Other miscalculations and so on, abound. Our Minister of Environment got pissed 
and said if she finds one more mistake in their reporting she's going to dismiss it altogether. 

It's not GlobalWarming, Bart. It's climate change, like in its long history this planet 
has had climate fluctuations. And that we humans have to stop driving our cars and 
stop breathing and that it's all our fault for being here, is bullshit. We cannot change 
the weather, not in the past and not now and not ever.

The ONLY thing that needs to happen for the climate not to weird out on us is we 
have to stop clearcutting everywhere. But as long as clearcuts is the way to log, 
wordlwide, and nobody says, stop that, well we're all going to choke for lack of 
oxygen in about a hundred years.

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