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IRS 'Persecution' and Impeachment Blather
by Michael Hammerschlag




Well, here we go again. Newsweek has ginned up another idiotic scandal for the treasonesque Repubs
to terrorize Dems with for the next 2 years, in a quite partisan article by libertarian Megan McArdle
that the IRS targeted Tea Party groups for audits (via WP and Mother Jones), then the self-promoting
Tomasky jumps to promote the disaster of impeachment.

Tomasky is a treacherous editor I dealt with, but I fear he may not be wrong, and guess
the Repub whackoffs would think of impeachment on their own. But note Newsweek's Isikoff 
dug up the nation-shaking "scandal" of Monica, which:  
A. proved Bill Clinton is a man, and vulnerable to some bimbo who decided to "bag the Prez" by flashing her underwear; 
B. Republicans were vicious contemptible treasonous scum who decided to paralyze the nation to finally "get" the financially
     untouchable Clintons, after 6 years of endless investigation,  
C. Probably allowed 9-11 to happen by crippling BC when OBL was blowing up our African embassies,
D. Maybe contributed to Clinton's tragic reversal of Glass-Steagal.

Her article is fatuous: "Since the Tea Party was a brand-new movement in 2010, they couldn’t possibly
have had any data indicating that such groups were more likely to be doing something improper."
YES they could! They were ANTI-TAX radical groups, that's not political persecution, that's simple logic.
That's like "targeting" Islamic radicals. She suggests random audits, but they should be auditing every
one of these 501.c4 scammers.

So the problem isn't that these fake "educational" or "social welfare" agencies rake in billions of tax-free
bucksy and spread their toxic political excrement throughout America, it's that they are finally audited
and forced to justify their lies????????

And the media is going to allow this inversion of the narrative, so that the corrupt vermin that are
poisoning the political process with their monstrous distortions and bags of cash.. are the poor victims??????

America is becoming Alice in Wonderland in our ignorance of reality, and reluctance to fix problems.


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