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Subject: Paul Harvey and Rush Limbaugh

Went searching for one of Paul's infamous stories, and came across this one
which I didn't recall ever hearing about before.    ha ha

That's why I'm here - to educate the ignorant and entertain the smart.

Gee, what a surprise to find out that you not only defaced a respectable person like Paul Harvey, 

Paul Harvey?

He was a serial liar who was also a horse molester.
How you gonna blame that on the messenger?.

but are so shallow, and obviously have no life, to come up with trash like this about Rush.
Dude, every word is true.
Rush used to admit the truth on the air.

Rush is that rare kind of guy who liked the Vietnam War
as long as someone else was dying in it - and you're OK with that?

And nobody has a better life than Ol' Bart.
Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, George Clooney?
I wouldn't trade places with any of them.

Like Rush says, we need people like you to remind us on just how fortunate the rest of us are!  

If that's what you take away from this, God bless you!   (sarcasm - There is no God)

When you don't have anything of substance to say, you fall back on your zero intelligence to make a point.  

Actually my IQ is a very respectable 64.

Typical from your kind!  

I know some people who are smarter than me - can you believe that?

Someday when you mature, if that ever does occur, you might realize what an idiot I was.  
 Dennis the Smurf

ha ha

I realize that right now.

What did you intend to say?

Look, it's not my fault that Rush's ass was too dirty for the Army during wartime 
when they were taking everyone who could stand up and hold a rifle.
Rush's infected ass-rot was just too much for them.

As far as Harvey, you gonna blame me for his attraction to male horses? 

You can try to blame me if you want, but ...I have a witness.

Mr Ed, was Paul Harvey a decent man with high morals?

Harvey's horse molestation is so widely knowm, Nintendo made a video game.

The game is Paul Harvey with his pants around his ankles chasing stallions in a field.

It's hilarious!

BTW, right now he's in hell playing Canasta with Ken Lay and Jerry Falwell.

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