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Subject: Bart, why do you hate Obama?

Bart, you wrote:

> "I'm doing all I can to get Obama elected..."

What a joke. Your nonstop dwelling on Obama's FISA vote,
perpetuating the idea of him being a flip-flopper...dispicable.

Well, actually no.
1- Can you name the last time a Demo nominee voted to kill a Bill of Rights in a campaign?
     I'm just saying that is a big deal.
2- "Nonstop dwelling" is non apropos, considering the tragedy of our fading Constitution.
     I'm 54 - I've never used non apropos in a sentence before.
3- *I* am not responsible for people calling Obama a flip-flopper.
     As ready and willing as I am to support him, he's done some really crazy stuff that's
     angered and confused a lot of people, and if I failed to mention that crazy stuff and
     comment honestly on it, would I be doing my job? What would history say about that?
     That was a joke.   I think history will remember me like they remembered Mickey Squeezer.
5- What I did was not dispicable. Voting to erase the Fourth Amendment was despicable.

 Why can't you get it through your head that his FISA vote was a POLITICAL MOVE..
 He did it to look tough on national security...that matters to ALOT of people who vote.

1- Dude - you and me are not enemies.
2- I get that politicians vote a certain way to gain power.
    That's why Lefty democrats hate Hillary, remember?

 Can you not imagine a scenario where if he would have voted against FISA,
 the Bush/McCain fuckers would have orchestrated some attack where they
 would use his vote to blame him for not helping prevent them?

 I get that - you and me are not enemies.
 But just for Devil's Advocate, how do you think Obama got the nomination?
 He got it by promising that he wasn't about "Playing the game,"
 He beat Hillary by presenting himself as "Not the same old, same old,"
 and you ask me what's wrong with voting against your principles to get elected?

 You don't have to agree with the principle of his vote, but you can't argue
 with it as a good political move. THINK ABOUT IT.
  Pedro the Lion

 Pedro, all things conidered, I'm OK with Obama and I want him to win.
 He's gonna be the guy who kicked the BFEE's sorry ass out of Washington - maybe.

 Bush & Cheney could still go all "President for Life" on us, and there's just
 Ol' Bart and a handful of other liberals with guns ready to fight for the REAL America.

 Liberals - afraid to arm themselves for a fight.
 How did I land in this party of silly gooses?

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