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Subject: why I hate Windows  

One of the reasons I love your page is your similar frustrations with computers 
and getting something as simple done as writing and copying and pasting.
This is the honest truth about Windows I swear. I am married to a software
engineer who had the privilege to be among the Beta testers of Windows 95,
back in 1994. So he installed it on our home computer. And I was working on
a document and wanted to *change the font.* Upon which the entire computer
froze and the entire system crashed. My document was lost, as was EVERYTHING
I had ever written in Word. My husband had to reinstall everything and not
everything had recent things, in other words, we lost lots and lost of other
things with no way to retrieve them.

And they actually brought this garbage to market in late '95 bugs and all.
And now we're ten years later and there's Office 2007 and I have it and I
hate it with a passion. Hate it hate it hate it.

It's set default to autocorrect, which means I get a capital letter after I
use an abbreviation, and has lots of other default settings such as font and
size which I do not like but YOU try to find the way to reset it.

And I too have had issues with pasted in text that absolutely will NOT take
on the font I tell it to. And this crap transfers to my email and internet
sites because it uses my word template for all typing. I change my Outlook
to "simple text" to get away from the maddening font changes, and then it
deletes all my apostrophes making me look like someone who can't spell.

I HATE Microsoft, hate them hate them.


I have another reason to hate Windows.
They insist on sending all pictures to the "My Pictures" folder.

I don't want my pictures there, I want them in the "bart" folder,
but Bill Gates says, "Fuck what the customer wants - we know better."

<>How many pictures are in an average page, maybe 50?
So fifty times I have to hit SIX keys to download the goddamn picture.

That's 300 extra strokes per issue and I'm a busy man (with arthritis) with shit to do.
At the very least, why can't the picture go in the same folder as the last picture?

Why can't Windows, or America,
make anything that fucking works?

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