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Subject: Paris the martyr

I enjoy reading your site but this fawning over Paris Hilton is ridiculous.

As Democrats, don't we pull for the underdog?

Let me get this straight, Paris is just a misunderstood victim who should be
admired for her courage and shown sympathy for her treatment in the media?

Victim?  Without a doubt.
Misunderstood?  Probably, since I don't get why she's the most hated woman or person in America.
Admired for her courage?  That was the point of that piece.
Shown sympathy?  I don't know - I've never been in a giant arena
while everyone cheered the fact that I was about to be put in a cage.

You don¹t get it. This woman¹s ability to stay in the media spotlight for no
reason other than being decorative is her talent.

Gee, you're the first person to say that.

Would you like to see a list of everyone who's rich and famous who probably 
doesn't deserve to be either?  It might be a long list.

For her, there is no such thing as bad publicity. Going to the MTV awards show 
and being ridiculed (with an admittedly lame joke) is Standard Operating Procedure for her. 

Really? She enjoyed that?
Do gay people enjoy being ridiculed, too?
Do fat people?  Or small people or burn victims?

That ought to provide enough momentum to carry her through until her release. 
Then the media can go back to their coverage of her spending her inheritance. 

She makes a lot of money - I doubt she's spending her inheritance.

Why do I know who she is? 
Why should I care? 
Yeah, poor misunderstood Paris.

Why should you care about any sports star, singer, actor, model etc?
Michael Jordan made tons of cash dropping a ball into a basket.
Keifer Sutherland makes millions screaming, "I'll cut off your fingers.".
Paula Abdul makes more than everyone reading this combined - can she sing?
The question is - why single Paris out for the focus of your rage?.

While I would much prefer seeing W, Cheney and their friends being marched into jail, 
to me Paris represents the shallow empty advice that Bush gave following 9-11: go shopping.
 Michael in Burbank

Hey, cheer up.
Maybe she'll take a shiv to the neck in jail..

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