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 BTW, there's a cat story and a health update in BCR 147.

Oh, and what happened to me last Friday?

I was finishing BCR 147 - it's been recorded and edited.
As I was putting the pieces together, the cats walked over my keyboard 

Rusty and Dax - keeping important Treehouse work from getting done.

...and, swear to Koresh, somehow they uninstalled my mouse.

I don't understand these things, but when they walk over the keyboard
they're usually hitting those F3, F7 keys and Koresh knows what those keys do.

As I pulled they cats away, without me or them touching anything,
miscellaneous windows continued to open, one after another

I thought maybe a key was stuck, so I ran my hands over all the keys
but that didn't help - windows continued to open, open open so I shut it down 
and that's when the window came up that said, "New hardware detected,"
but I had no mouse to tell the computer to GFY.

This was maybe 1 PM on Friday.
I was hoping to finish BCR 147 and still get a page up but I got so angry
at this always-breaks computer that I did what any rational man would do:
l got high and started drinking.

I was waaaay too angry to finish the page and I had to call Mr Fix-It at $50 an hour
to drop by and figure out what needed to be done to get the BCR computer working again.

Sorry about that, but if there's a God (that's a Texas-sized loophole) 
BCR 147 will be up later today.

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