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Hawaiian Tsunami, was it a Hoax?

Why didn't they send planes out to see if a wall of water was heading their way?

Why didn't they turn one of our dozens of satellites on the Pacific and search for waves?

What good are those "earthquake bouys" if they can't tell when when the wave is coming
or how fast the wave is going or how tall the waves are?

The answer is they DID know nothing was coming their way.
The bastards even promised it would hit at precisely 3 PM K-Drag time.

The biggest thing is the airplane.
What's fuel for a small plane, $200 an hour?
For $2,000 they could've flown out 500 miles.

And what about all the jets flying in from America?
Surely they'd see a wall of water on a clear, sunny morning.

It was like balloon boy all over again.

Where was our military?
I guarantee they had over 100 planes in the Hawaiian air Saturday morning.
Why didn't any of them fly southeast and look for the giant waves?

And 35 years ago when they filmed The Poseidon Adventure, big boats had radar
and sonar so they could detect big waves - we no longer use those ...why?

They said the tsunami was "not a problem" for big cruise ships?
Oh, really?

This looks like a fun way to spend a vacation.

In WWII, Hickam AFB would send scout planes in all directions to look for enemy ships.
But in 2010, nobody thought to search for killer waves?

Did we have another "Stand down" like we did on 9-11?

Then Yahoo had the "all's clear" signal up but the whore networks kept beating the danger drum 
for a while so they could milk a few more minutes out of the gullible viewing public.

Worse, next time there's a tsunami alert, people will say, "Trying to fool me again?"

I think we got hosed.

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