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Subject: sick to my stomach

bart:  i am very worried that idealistic democrats are getting stars in their eyes over mr. obama. 
we have a very damaged political system in this country and this nonsense about "i'm going to 
change washington d.c." is little more than telling people what they desperately want to hear 
so they can feel wonderful and patriotic while ignoring the reality that this country is inches away 
from economic disaster, another cold war with the russians , has angered the whole world with 
eight years of the most corrupt, arrogant and divisive administration in my lifetime,  maybe of all time, 
has destroyed a sovereign nation with an unprovoked war, has ignored the needs of the very men 
it sent to fight it. 

i could go on, but i'm getting sick to my stomach.  we need a washington insider to have any hope 
that this country is not going to sink any further into the mud. do people honestly believe that he is 
going to go to washington, command the congress to mind him, and it is magically going to obey? 

When I ask a question like that, I either get no response or "Stop the hate!"
There are many, many questions about Obama that remain unanswered.

john and robert kennedy are dead.  obama is not JFK no matter how much they want him to be. 
hillary clinton may not be the most charismatic candidate, and she has alot of things that you can 
find to dislike about her,  but if they had watched her question donald rumsfeld about the prisoner 
abuse scandal, they would have seen something i have not seen in mr obama.  quiet competence. 
and the next president of the united states is going to need alot of it. 
people had better wake up.
 Ken Hay

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