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Subject: How to respond?  It's from my Dad.


Some things should be handled (indeed mandated by the Constitution) by the government. 
Other things such as the economy, health-care, etc should be determined by free enterprise. 

Look what "free enterprise" did to Wall Street.
Look what "free enterprise" has done to our health care system.
If you go to the hospital for a week, you're likely going to lose your home.
How can anybody think this broken system is working just fine?.

Our current health system is by far the best in the world for those who participate in it. 

America ranks 50th in life expectancy but we're far and away Number One on costs.
That means 49 countries are getting a bigger bang for their health care buck.

Instead of dismantling the current system, we should figure out a way for all to participate. 

Who said anything about dismantling the current system?
I think Danny's Dad is getting his "facts" from Rush and Glenn Beck.

There are ways to reduce health care costs (Tort reform, omit repetition and root out corruption) 

Tort reform?
When you go in for a hernia operation and they instead amputate your legs, should you be able to sue?
I say yes, but the Republicans say no.

instead of dismantling a system than allows us to choose a doctor of our choice, 

That's not true - at least I've never seen it happen.
Whatever insurance company you're with has a list of "approved" doctors.

Sure, you get to choose from the list, but what if your doctor's not on it?
When I went had pneumonia, I didn't even get my choice of hospitals.

receive prompt medical attention, take advantage of the best medical research in the world 
(stem cell research and drug research both of which would not be possible without profits in the medical industry) 

True, but what's the limit on the profits?
I saw an ad yesterday for Lipitor for $130 a month.
That's a drug millions of people take and it costs $4 a pill.
Should one company make $20M every day for research that was done decades ago?

And do you think people in Germany, France, England and Spain are being treated by witch doctors?

and build and maintain the best medical facilities in the world. 
There is no way the federal government will provide anything close to what we currently have.

Your Nancy Grace Guarantee notwithstanding, why do you assume 
Obama is going to take a wrecking ball to the current system?
Obama wants to offer you an option that you're free to ignore.

And do you understand that whatever health insurance you have now is pure socialism?
Insurance is the banding together of thousands or millions of people to share a risk.
Why would you let a word scare you away from saving hundreds of dollars per month on health care costs?

I think the current government (the Administration and Congress) through their stimulus packages, auto industry buyouts, 
financial industry buyouts, and now the turning over of our health care to the government is an unprecedented move of our 
government to dictate how we live our daily lives. 

Sir, Obama didn't break anything - the Bush bastards did that with their unbridled greed.
They made it legal to loot the banks so now the banks are empty and dry.
How do you blame Obama for the crash that happened under Bush?

Do you know that Detroit spent more per car on health care than steel?
The current health care system is bankrupting America.
Doing nothing is a guarantee for disaster.

Our founding fathers (as written in the Constitution) intended for the Federal Government to have limited powers 
(national defense, public welfare, etc.).  The current direction of those in power don't seem (or care) to understand this.

I have a great answer for this but it'll come in the next Bartcop Radio show.

Danny, it seems to me that you are easily swayed by talking points and do not take the time to carefully consider 
both sides before coming to a reasonable conclusion.  It is easy to invoke inflammatory statement or names such as 
Sara Palin, instead of calmly considering the facts of both sides of a matter before deciding where you stand.

Sarah Palin is screaming about "Death Panels coming for her baby" and you think OUR SIDE is inflammatory?
One side in this debate is cool and calm, the other is full of red-faced hysterical liars.
How can you accuse Obama or any Democrat of being unreasonable? 

It seem we are on the opposite sides of this issue, but it does not alter my never ending love for you.

Dad, you can love your son AND be dead wrong.

When Clinton tried to fix health care, it was 1/7 of the economy.
Now it's 1/6 of our economy and soon it'll be 1/5, then 1/4.

How much of our economy should we let the HC monster eat before we fix it?

If you had a car that costs $400 to fix in January and $500 to fix in February and $600 to fix in March, $700 to fix 
in April and $800 to fix in May, how many months would you let those repair bills pile up before buying a new car?

Don't let Rush and Hannity and Beck steal your life savings.
Please allow logic into your decision and for Heaven's sake, turn off FOX and talk radio.

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