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Subject: Brits angry about GOP health care lies

I just got back from my annual visit to my mum amid this health care fiasco.  The Brits in general 
are pretty indignant at all the lies coming from the right wing about the state of our health care system.  
(I've been indignant for years, but it's only now the rest of the UK has caught up with what is happening over here)

The papers were full last week of letters to the editor and journalists too were heaping scorn on some o
f the comments that the right have made.  I'm really disappointed the way "reform" is heading.  The stars were
all aligned for this to happen and the dems have managed to screw it up totally.  I shouldn't be surprised.  
As you say so many times, Bart.  Why won't they just list the facts?

The UK spends less than half what the US does per capita so what is all the crap about costs all about?  
If we can deliver healthcare to 100% of the poplulace for around $3,000 per person why can't the US 
(who thinks it's number one in everything?

Why won't any US journalist ask about the private health care in the UK.  Yeah, you heard that right.  
The UK DOES have a private health care option available to people who don't want to utilize the NHS.  
They always have.  Bupa is one such private company that springs to mind.  This begs the question that IF 
the UK system is a quarter as bad as the right wing claim, why isn't everyone "going private"? 

Because while there is a private healthcare industry it is quite small and dwarfed by the government 
paid for system and THAT is the free market at work.

People I know were incredulous at the spectacle of those town hall meetings.  They couldn't believe what 
they were hearing and seeing.  Sadly, the angriest and most active minority looks like it is going to win as usual 
because the 70% who apparently want the public option aren't as insane with rage to get noticed.

Canadians must feel the same way.
According to the Fascist dogs, if you fall off a ladder or get hit by a car
you gotta wait six months before a doctor will see you.

But our pussy Democrats refuse the list the facts and the whore media won't, either.
I know why the whore media won't - they can make more money from a health care war
than they can with a great health care system in place - but what's the Democrats' excuse?

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