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Subject: Health care overeach

Hi Bartification situation,

Obama's health care initiative may not get through due to his overeach.  What is his goal?
If his goal is to protect the unprotected why doesn't he encourage a bill that would allow
that the folks with lots of money cover the insurance of those without?

That's what he's doing and everyone but the super-rich should be behind him.
It'll be cheaper to keep the poor healthy than to pay for their long-term illnesses.

The way it works now, the insurance bastards are working this the way Halliburton worked the war.
They're triple charging for everything on the pretense that they have to pay double to cover the poor.
If we insure everyone the billionaire insurance bastards would have to settle for being just multi-millionaires.

Why are YOU fighting something that will help you?
Why do you believe every lie the rich bastards tell you?
Don't you think the super-rich have it good enough?

His concept of so called universal healthcare seems like a naked power grab insofar as he has pushed hard
for a bill that will end up covering everyone. That may sound good until it is recognzed that it will come at a price.

Why can't you see the facts?

Say we have 100 people in a room.
Yes, it'll cost $500 to buy them each a hamburger.

But right now, the insurance bastards are charging us $1000 because they claim "all these losses."
Right now, they get to charge us $75 for a penny's worth of aspirin because of "all these losses."
If we insure everyone, they're forced to charge properly instead of doing it Halliburton-style.

This is similar to their old trick, "You can't verify how many barrels we're pumping in Iraq
because it's so dangerous, you might be beheaded on your way to the oil fields."

They use the unknown to steal - so let's take the unknown out of the equation.
Why are YOU fighting something that will help you?

BTW, the insurance plan that every senator has? It's socialized medicine.
All insurance is socialism because they have to share the risk to make it affordable.

The water you drink is socialized water.
The electricity you use is socialized electricity.
Your fire department is socialized fire fighting.
The Golden Gate is a socialized bridge.
The Interstate highways are socialized roads.
Bush built Arlington Stadium with socialized money.

You crazy handjobs scare people into voting for your party.  
Why can't you win honestly?

The price will be massive payouts by working Americans, rationing, runaway inflation, massive layoffs and
throw grandma from the train, The lesson to be learned here is be very cautious in what you ask for..
 Carson the gullible monkey

You got that horseshit from the same guys who said "Saddam has WMDs - we know
where he stores them and the Iraq war might last as long as six months."

Why do you continue to believe the lies of discredited assholes?

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